In his homily, Most Rev. Gabriel Mantey said that nothing can separate us from the love of God. He added that there are indeed bodily and spiritual forces that militate against us that shake our faith. Our sister also, he said, faced these challenges since they are daily experiences of life that we go through. These forces are to invigorate us not to be afraid but to remain steadfast in the faith and in our commitment to Christ. Further, the bishop said Our sister lived with a confidence sense of victory, because her last moments proved her strong faith in Christ as she remained steadfast in her faith. He said he believes that our Lord will raise her together with all those who say on the last day; "Lord am for you" to live forever with him in heaven.

After her biography, series of tributes were read in her honour from the SMMC Sisters, Marshallan brothers and sisters, the chief and people of Teteman, her students amongst others.
She was finally laid to rest in the SMMC cemetery in the Sisters' Convent at Sokode Gbogame being the second Rev. Sister to be buried there.