Ho Diocese is located in the Volta Region of Ghana and constitutes ten Administrative Districts, namely: Ho, Kpando and Hohoe municipal areas. Others include, North Dayi, South Dayi, Adaklu, Agortime-Ziope, Ho-West, Afadjato-South Districts and parts of Asuogyaman District in the Eastern Region. The Diocese lies within longitudes 12'E and 0 53'E; and latitudes 6 20'N.

The Jasikan District lies in the North of the Ho Diocese while it is bordered in the East by the Republic of Togo. The Southern border is shared with Akatsi and North Tongu Districts while the Volta Lake forms the Western boundary. Ho Diocese covers a total land area of 5893 square kilometers. It is divided into twenty-nine Parishes.

The Department Of Social Communications (Depsocom)

Like many other departments the establishment of Social Communications as a department was not easy. In 1970, social communications was added to the assignments of Fr. Wynnand Amewowo, viz, Religious Education, Youth and Laity formation. The office was at that time equipped with a mobile cinema – video van.
Bishop A.K. Lodonu through thick and thin established the Department for Social Communication. In 1981 Bishop Lodonu appointed his Secretary, Rev. Fr. Gabriel Akwasi Mante (Now the Bishop of Jasikan) to coordinate Communication activities in the Diocese.
Fr. Gabriel A. A. Mante introduced Mr. Noah Agble to the communication work which gradually grew into a DEPSOCOM with Mr. Noah Agble as a full time director from 1983 – 1998. On Noah’s departure, Fr. Francis Homatekpor took over the communication office and Mr. Raphael Kwami Adevor backed by professional experience in communication skills took over the department until Sr. Rejoice E.A. Sedegah came back from studies in 2004.
Currently, the Department is under the Directorship of Rev. Fr. Dieu-Donne Kofi Davor.

The Department was instituted to promote the Gospel Values through the effective and efficient use of Alternative, Secular and Religious Media for New Evangelization and Better Communication. The vision of Ho DEPSOCOM is to integrate the Evangelization with the Development of the Human Person and the Society and to promote the growth of the Church through the means of Pastoral and Social Communications.

The objectives of DEPSOCOM in Ho Diocese include: Help people progress as they journey through life. “Such progress is of vital concern to the Kingdom of God, in so far as it can contribute to the better ordering of human society.”
I. To evangelize, educate, inform and inspire the faithful through the use of all the available modern Social Communications Media and Alternative Media.
II. To co-ordinate and network with other Departments in the Diocese and in the Church as a whole
III. To encourage the Church and the Institutions to use the Alternative, Secular and Religious Media for evangelization.
IV. To promote the church and her activities through the Alternative, Secular and Religious Media
V. To organize Communication training for Priests, Religious, Catechists and other lay faithful
VI. To arrange Workshop for confraternities and other religious Bodies
VII. To do our best to reach out to all sort of people in life through dissemination of information, news, views and activities of the Church.
VIII. To work to promote peace in the Diocese and beyond

By the grace of God we are able to achieve the greater part of the above objectives and in addition working for peace in the conflict zones in the Volta Region. Today we also broadcast the Diocesan activities in the Media; television, radio, newspapers and the use social media platforms. We are grateful to God for our achievements so far.

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