Ho Diocese is located in the Volta Region of Ghana and constitutes ten Administrative Districts, namely: Ho, Kpando and Hohoe municipal areas. Others include, North Dayi, South Dayi, Adaklu, Agortime-Ziope, Ho-West, Afadjato-South Districts and parts of Asuogyaman District in the Eastern Region. The Diocese lies within longitudes 12'E and 0 53'E; and latitudes 6 20'N.

The Jasikan District lies in the North of the Ho Diocese while it is bordered in the East by the Republic of Togo. The Southern border is shared with Akatsi and North Tongu Districts while the Volta Lake forms the Western boundary. Ho Diocese covers a total land area of 5893 square kilometers. It is divided into twenty-nine Parishes.

The Noble Order Of The Knights Of Marshall In The Ho Diocese

The Noble Order of the Knights of Marshall, a Catholic Friendly Society, was established on November 18, 1926 when the first Council of the Order was consecrated at Sekondi, the Headquarters of the Order, with an instrument of Charter granted and signed by the Rt. Rev. Ernest Hauger, Vicar Apostolic of the then Gold Coast, who gave formal ecclesiastical approval to the constitution and Laws of the Order on May, 1, 1929.

The Noble Order which has the objective of bringing together Catholic men for effective lay apostolate and Catholic action, is a fraternal organization along the lines of the Knights of Columbus in the United States of America. The Founders, thirteen (13) enthusiastic young men of St Paul’s Catholic Church, Sekondi, sought to provide a friendly social forum for Catholic men who might otherwise be attracted to secret societies.

The Founders chose to name the Noble Order after Sir James Marshall a lay Catholic Scotsman who served as Chief Magistrate and Judicial Assessor at Cape Coast, and through whose instrumentality Rev. Frs. Auguste Moreau and Eugene Murat of the S.M.A. were sent to continue the process of establishing the Catholic Church in the Gold Coast in 1880. This was to immortalize his name.

The first branch of the Order to be opened in the Volta Region was Council No. 4 at Keta in 1937, followed by Council No. 6 at Kpando in 1942. By 1979 six other Councils had been opened in the Volta Region, namely No. 20 at Ho, No. 22 at Jasikan, No. 32 at Dzodze, No. 35 at Hohoe, No. 38 at Kete-Krachi and No. 39 at Denu. In 1984 the eight Councils separated from those in Togo and formed the Volta Regional Council which functioned until 1990 when two Regional Councils were created in the Volta Region, namely South Volta Regional Council, comprising Keta, Ho, Dzodze, Denu and No. 61 Akatsi (opened in 1991), and North Volta Regional Council, comprising Kpando, Jasikan, Hohoe, Kete-Krachi and No. 82 Nkonya (opened in 2004).

The Noble Order in keeping with its motto of Unity, Charity and Fraternity, undertakes charitable activities in various forms. There are various study courses and formation programmes which are undertaken in the Order for the formation of members as worthy Catholic knights, and by which members graduate through the ranks.

THE Knights of St. John International originated from the Ancient and Noble Order of the Knights of St. John founded in 1048 A.D. These gallant merchants from the city of Amalfi founded a hospital in Jerusalem to take care of pilgrims who visited the Holy Land. This hospital was erected near the place where our Lord Jesus Christ fell for the second time on his way to Calvary, carrying the salvific cross.
The Hospital was under the patronage of St. John the Baptist, the man chosen by God to prepare the way for the coming of the Saviour, Jesus Christ. The merchants constituted themselves into the Order of the Knights of St. John Hospitalers whose first leader was Master Gerald. They cared for the wounded pilgrims, the sick and the needy.

On 6th May, 1886, a number of Catholic Gentlemen in the United States of America met and established a new society out of local organizations formed in various cities like Rochester NY, Baltimore MD, Washington DC, Cincinnati YN, and Columbus OH of the United States of America. The new society was incorporated through an act under the Laws of the states of New York with the name “ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH UNION OF KNIGHTS OF ST. JOHN”. The name was later changed to “KNIGHTS OF ST. JOHN” and later in July, 1992, the name was again changed to the “THE KNIGHTS OF ST. JOHN INTERNATIONAL”. This was done to avoid conflict with the medieval now based in Rome and also in furtherance of the international character of the society.

In 1940, a group of Catholic Gentlemen from St. John the Baptist Commandery No. 346, Saltpond in the Central Region Ghana introduced the Ancient and Noble Order of the Knights of St. John International to St. Michael Church of Keta. On 20th October, 1944, a charter was issued from the supreme President (New York) for St. Michael Commandery 352 to operate. On 16th April, 1949, the Commandery was inaugurated with the initiation into the first Degree of the Order, of the first batch of twenty eight gentlemen.

On 27th August, 1963, Bishop Konings of Keta Diocese inaugurated the Order in Hohoe. St. Michael Commandery, Keta introduced the Order at Hohoe St. Augustine Church. The pioneering Gentlemen of the Order at St. Augustine included Rev. Fr. John Beckers spiritual Director Noble Brother Anthony Akabua Tsigbe, President, Noble Bro. Anthony Gbekle, 1st Vice President, Noble brother Q. Kafe, Recording Secretary, Bro. Emmanuel Akondo Allalah, Treasurer, Bro. Emmanuel Amenyawu, Financial Secretary, Bro. Michael Senoo Messenger.

The ladies Auxiliary 326 was subsequently founded on 29th August, 1964 with initiation of twenty four sisters with the help of St. Michael Auxiliary Keta. The Pioneering members included Late Sisters Constantia Senoo 1st President Justine Adjah 1st Vice President Sister Theresa Senoo as Secretary. The Presidents who led the Auxiliary were Sister Constantia Senoo, Justine Adjah, Lucy Adotey, Doris Akoto-Ampaw Agatha Hevi, Sabina Ahorklui, Julia Amewu, Kate Jaisey, Rose Ayitey, Grace Senoo, Theresa Asigbetse, Alexina Tsriku.

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